Before there was Mad Men, Design Within Reach, or Dwell there was Docomomo.

Docomomo US is the United States chapter of Docomomo International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement for nearly 25 years.

Docomomo stands for the documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement.

What is Docomomo?
Docomomo promotes the study, interpretation and protection of the architecture, landscape and urban design of the Modern Movement. It promotes the exchange of knowledge about this important legacy which extends from the planned city and the iconic monument to the house next door.

Docomomo is an international organization.  Docomomo International, founded in 1988 in The Netherlands, now has national chapters in 69 countries and a membership of over 2000 individuals. It is an important presence in conservation and in architectural culture, worldwide, working in partnership with other international organizations, national governments, and regional and national associations. 

Docomomo US is the working party of Docomomo in the United States. It is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization, a union of regional chapters that share its members’ knowledge of and enthusiasm for the Modern Movement, promote public interest in it through lectures and walking tours, and organize advocacy efforts to protect endangered sites and buildings.

Committed to the principle that modern design merits the attention and preservation received by earlier periods, we maintain a continuous and constructive dialogue with national, state, and local preservation authorities and organizations as well as with building owners, developers, and designers in many disciplines. Our discussions with designing architects are based on the conviction that creative design and preservation go hand in hand. Designers are often consolidating, rehabilitating, and adding to the old; preservation architects are often devising creative ways to conserve it.

Docomomo US was founded in the United States in 1995 and was incorporated with its present organizational structure in 1997. Its Board of Directors represents our diverse professional and academic interests and our presence in regions across the country.

Where is Docomomo US?
All preservation is local, and so is our organization. We are organized in regional chapters and friend organizations throughout the United States, from east coast to west coast and from the Gulf of Mexico to Minnesota. Our chapters sponsor educational programs and tours, provide technical assistance on the preservation of Modern Movement buildings, conduct research and surveys that support our nationwide Register, publish newsletters, maintain listservs, and advocate for threatened sites.

Who is Docomomo US?
Docomomo US is an all-volunteer group comprised of enthusiasts, historians, architects, designers, students, and preservationists. We are an organization that is rapidly growing, with several chapters in formation. Docomomo US is proud to be frequently cited in the professional and general press as the initiator of the current interest in the recent past within the US preservation movement and among the general public.

We serve all those interested in design, architecture, urbanism, landscape and history. Thanks to this interdisciplinarity, issues such as definitions of modernism and criteria of significance are debated across divides infrequently crossed in other organizations. Thanks to our regional diversity, our definitions of modernism are the product of this country’s varied and differing regional histories.


Docomomo US is an AIA Continuing Education Provider thanks to the support of the David E Gross Family Philanthropic Fund.



How can you join Docomomo US?
Support the efforts of Docomomo US by becoming a member or making a donation and participating in our ever-expanding work to preserve the built-heritage of the Modern Movement!  

Join Docomomo US to connect with people interested in Modern architecture and design in your region, across the nation, and the world. Partake in local activities, and stay informed through newsletters, and our national advocacy efforts.

You can also contact the Docomomo US office by emailing: info(AT)docomomo-us(DOT)org.

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