Docomomo US is made up of regional chapters & friend organizations throughout the United States. It is at the local level that most Docomomo activities occur and where members can interact and share knowledge. If a chapter exists near you, you are encouraged to participate in their meetings and events.  Contact the chapter nearest you to be put on their mailing list and to join in activities.

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Start a Docomomo US Chapter in your Area
The Docomomo US Board of Directors are very interested in seeing more regional and local chapters develop in the United States, and encourages members to consider the benefits of forming a local and/or regional chapter. Chapters form as a result of local energy and enthusiasm and are not formed by the national working party, but developed at the local level. Chapters are bound by a few rules and regulations to ensure there is a general level of consistency between the chapters, but for the most part, Docomomo US is defined by the work of its chapters.

Members of the existing local chapters formed because they had a common interest in modern architecture and interiors, landscape and urban design.  They were motivated by the desire to recognize and protect significant modern works within their regions, to study the modern movement and discuss its legacy and continued relevance, or simply to learn about their region’s modern heritage. Those who have created a local chapter have found the following advantages:

  • Affiliation with a national and an international organization that shares a love for modernism helps members rally around common goals and objectives.
  • The organization has international recognition. Associating with an already-established name can bring credibility to a local group.
  • Linking to other regional and local Docomomo chapters provides access to a network of like-minded individuals who can provide advice, support and encouragement.
  • Docomomo US chapters are required to develop a mission statement and to create a local register of Modern works. This can give focus and structure to an informal group, and help it grow.
  • Belonging to the Docomomo US network allows your group to share information and provides contacts throughout the country with professionals and advocates interested in many aspects of protecting and promoting modern design.
  • Chapters have access to the national website, social networks, and e-newsletter, useful for publicizing activities, issues, and news to a broader audience.

If you are interested in forming a Docomomo US chapter in your area, please refer to our Chapter Guidelines and New Chapter Checklist.
For more information on chapters in formation and to begin a Docomomo US chapter in your area contact: info(AT)docomomo-us(DOT)org.



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