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Founded in 2009, the Minnesota Chapter of Docomomo US advocates the exploration, documentation, conservation, and sustained use of Minnesota’s manifestations of the Modern Movement and strives to strengthen public interest and understanding of these works. Minnesota is home to a diverse range of Modernist architecture, including residences, churches, commercial buildings, and tourist attractions. Several well known local companies reside in Modernist buildings. A few examples include General Mills, headquartered in Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s 1957 International Style building, and ING, which resides in the former Northwestern National Life Insurance Company, built in 1964 and designed by Minoru Yamasaki and Associates. The Minnesota Chapter of Docomomo US strives to educate the public about Modernist preservation through advocacy, events and building our registry.   If you have questions, please reach out to us via e-mail at: docomomo.us.mn (at) gmail (dot) com or visit our website: www.docomomo-us-mn.org.


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