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Above: Members of the Docomomo US/New England Chapter, Tour Day 2012, at Josep Lluis Sert's Peabody Terrace, Cambridge, MA

The New England Chapter brings together members of the professional design, architecture, preservation, and real estate development communities; academics; and interested lay persons committed to bringing the extremely broad knowledge base of its diverse membership to bear on our understanding and appreciation of both the canonical and "hidden" works of the modern movement. They cooperate to publicize, register, and, when needed, advocate for the rich legacy of the modern movement in a region that contains works by famed pioneers (Aalto, Gropius, Le Corbusier, Wright and others) and postwar architectural and landscape designers such as Louis Kahn, Dan Kiley, I.M Pei and Paul Rudolph, as well as by a growing list of previously unrecognized practitioners of interwar "invisible modernism." It works closely with museums, universities, architecture schools, local preservation organizations, regulatory agencies and historical commissions on education and advocacy; serves as a primary information source for owners of modernist properties; and organizes public lectures and tours for both specialists and nonspecialist audiences. Massachusetts-based since its foundation in 1997, it is eager to collaborate with interested individuals, agencies and institutions throughout the entire region.


Docomomo US/New England
David Fixler
c/o EYP/AE Incorporated
Independence Wharf
470 Atlantic Ave
Seventh Floor
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 305-9871 phone
(617) 305-9888 fax

Marie S.A. Sorensen AIA
Coordinator Docomomo US/New England
(917) 215-5796 phone
Hélène Lipstadt



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