Mission Statement
Docomomo US/Michigan (Docomomo US/MI) will support and expand Docomomo International’s mission to:

  • act as watchdog when important modern movement buildings, sites, and communities anywhere are under threat
  • exchange ideas relating to conservation technology, history and education
  • foster interest in the ideas and heritage of the modern movement
  • elicit responsibility towards this recent architectural inheritance.

Docomomo US/Michigan will:

Southern California

Docomomo US/SoCal's mission is to increase awareness of, and celebrate the unique legacy of, Southern California's Modern Movement and its influences, through education, documentation, and advocacy. We partner with other local, regional, and statewide organizations and agencies to enhance understanding and appreciation of the area's diverse Modern resources.

For more information on Docomomo US/SoCal visit their website or their Facebook page for upcoming events and to get involved.

Greater Philadelphia


Organized in 2011, Docomomo US/Greater Philadelphia advocates for modern sites, buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes. In addition to offering several events each year, the group works on preservation advocacy for modern buildings in the Greater Philadelphia region, holds events and activities for members, volunteers, and others interested in modern architecture and design.


The Docomomo US/Florida chapter advances the exploration and documentation of the relevant manifestations of the Modern Movement in the State of Florida, and advocates the conservation and sustainability of these buildings, sites, and neighborhoods as historical resources and references from our recent past.

Docomomo US/Florida hopes to increase public and professional awareness of Florida's Modern Heritage through organized events and tours, developing useful Internet resources, electronic mailing lists, and ongoing documentation outreach to other preservation organizations and professional groups.

P.O. Box 230977
New York, NY 10023
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