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The Docomomo US Register is an online database of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the modern movement in the United States.
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The mission of The Register project is to provide a useful educational tool for the public, to promote the significance of threatened modern buildings and sites, and to foster the identification, local designation, and conservation of modern movement resources. The Docomomo US Register is a searchable database available for public access. Data is documented according to the Docomomo International fiche format and contains locational, historical, and evaluative information for surveyed properties.


The database follows the informational format of the Docomomo International Short-form Fiche. Currently available fiches have been developed since the formation of the U.S. Working Party in 1995. The initial inventory represents the research contributions of Docomomo US members and academic initiatives at various institutions. Creation of the Online Register is due in large part to the contributions of former Docomomo US Board Member Gary Koll. Beginning in 2006, the database was reformatted for the organization’s Drupal website. Future Growth The Docomomo US register database will continually expand to become the comprehensive record of modern movement resources of the built environment in the United States. Docomomo US seeks fiche representing both pre-existing and original scholarship, and recording resources of national, regional, and local significance. To contribute Register fiche, update fiche information, or comment on data accuracy, please email info(AT)docomomo-us.org.

All contributions are welcome and subject to approval by the US Register Committee.

Terms of Use

All data is the responsibility of the fiche author, and all statements of building or site condition reflect their date of observation. Docomomo US does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, nor assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the property information provided herein. Any use of this information is at the user’s own discretion. Docomomo US requests that any use of this information be accompanied by a reference to its source.

International Register

The Docomomo US Register is part of the larger effort by Docomomo International and all other national/regional working groups to fulfill one of Docomomo's aims: "to document significant examples of the modern movement and to share knowledge worldwide by creating a collective register." The Register consists of documentation forms, referred to as fiches, which come in two formats, "full" and "minimum." The international register effort was started in 1992 and is headed by a committee, the International Specialist Committee on Registers (ISC/R). The international register consists of fiches submitted by national/regional working groups and currently documents about 800 buildings and sites from approximately 35 countries worldwide. Submissions are done annually and the documentation is kept at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NIA); means are also being explored to make the documentation available online. Since 2003 submissions to the international register have been based on a specific theme established by the committee for that year. In addition to maintaining the archive the ISC/R published a selection of documented buildings during 2000 and plans broader publishing of The Register in the future. The ISC/R also works to nominate significant examples of modern architecture and planning to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

US Register

The US Register parallels the goal of the international register in documenting significant examples of modern movement architecture, urban design, landscapes and gardens within the United States. The US effort is led by the Register Committee made up of a board member, chapter representatives and other individuals. Contributions to The Register have been made by local Docomomo chapters and interested individuals from across the country. The US Register to date is comprised of fiches filled out and submitted along with photographs to either the chapter where the building is located or directly to Docomomo US. Once the nomination has been reviewed and approved by the Register Committee the building or site is placed on the Docomomo US Register, and may also be submitted to the ISC/R for inclusion on the Docomomo International register. Other pages under this portion of the website provide information on how to evaluate modern buildings and sites, as well as the fiche and fiche completion guidelines.

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