Crow Island Elementary School

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Crow Island Elementary School
Crow Island Elementary School. Winnetka, Illinois. 1941. Perkins+Will.
1112 Willow Road
Winnetka, IL 60093
United States
42° 6' 0.288" N, 87° 44' 45.8952" W
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Identity of Building / Site
Primary classification: Education (EDC)
Secondary classification:
Federal, State, or Local Designation(s) and Date(s):
History of Building/Site
Original Brief:
Dates: Commission / Completion:Commission unknown, completion 1940(e)
Architectural and other Designer(s): Saarinen & Saarinen; Perkins, Wheeler & Will, architects
Others associated with Building/Site:
Significant Alteration(s) with Date(s):
Current Use: School.
Current Condition:
General Description:
Construction Period:
Original Physical Context:
Technical Evaluation:
Cultural & Aesthetic:
General Assessment:
Recognizing that educational objectives and methods can generate architectural form, the architects here were among the first to carefully analyze the spacial and practical needs of children and teachers. The resulting approach, characterized by flexible classrooms with separate work areas, individual adjacent outdoor yards, natural light, practical materials and a child-sized scale revolutionized elementary school design.
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