Gropius House

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Gropius House
Vigna, Frances. Gropius House. March 2012.
68 Baker Bridge Road
Lincoln, MA 01773
United States
42° 25' 48.3348" N, 71° 19' 57.2844" W
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Identity of Building / Site
Primary classification: Residential (RES)
Secondary classification:
Federal, State, or Local Designation(s) and Date(s):
History of Building/Site
Original Brief:
Dates: Commission / Completion:Commission 1937(e), completion 1938(e).
Architectural and other Designer(s): Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, architects Ise Gropius, landscape design
Others associated with Building/Site: Mrs. Helen Storrow provided land and funding for construction
Significant Alteration(s) with Date(s):
Current Use: House museum since 1984, interpreted as it appeared in 1968-69.
Current Condition: Good but with chronic exterior paint problems, some steel window failure and water penetration at roofs and siding. The house contains Breuer-designed furniture made for the Gropiuses in Bauhaus workshops.
General Description:
Construction Period:
Original Physical Context:
Technical Evaluation:
Cultural & Aesthetic:
General Assessment:
The Gropius House, which established the International Style with a demonstration piece on United States soil, was built soon after the Bauhaus master was appointed professor of architecture at Harvard University in 1937. It was New England√s earliest, most authoritative, and purest built expression of Gropius√ European ideas. Gropius stated in The Scope of Total Architecture (1943) that I made it a point to absorb into my own conception those features of the New England architectural tradition that I found still alive and adequate. The fusion of the regional spirit with a contemporary approach to design produced a house that I would never have built in Europe with its different climatic, technical, and psychological background.
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