Oakland Museum

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Oakland Museum
Oakland Museum, source: 2006
1000 Oak Street
Oakland, CA 94607
United States
37° 47' 55.0608" N, 122° 15' 48.9816" W
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Identity of Building / Site
Primary classification: Education (EDC)
Secondary classification:
Federal, State, or Local Designation(s) and Date(s):
History of Building/Site
Original Brief:
Dates: Commission / Completion:Commission 1961(c), completion 1968(e)
Architectural and other Designer(s): Kevin Roche, Roche Dinkeloo & Associates, architect Dan Kiley & Geraldine Knight-Scott, landscape architects
Others associated with Building/Site:
Significant Alteration(s) with Date(s): Alterations to landscape design and plant material
Current Use: Museum
Current Condition: Good
General Description:
Construction Period:
Original Physical Context:
Technical Evaluation:
Cultural & Aesthetic:
General Assessment:
The Oakland Museum has been called the the most brilliant concept of an urban museum in America (Arthur Drexler) and one of the most thoughtfully revolutionary structures in the world (Ada Louise Huxtable), noted above all for its integration of landscape with structure. The multi-level, multi-volume structure is a fine, early, and rare example of a New Brutalist civic building. It occupies a four-block site treated as a park, with much of the building's three gallery levels underground and each gallery's roof forming a terrace for the level above. The landscaping counterpoints the sparest of palettes in the actual building: exterior of concrete with sandblasted finish and plate glass in oak frames, the interior of sandblasted concrete and oak paneled walls. Its three levels are arranged symbolically in ascending order from Natural Sciences to History to Art. Part of a cluster of civic and cultural buildings, the museum is a primary symbol of Oakland and the city's only designated modern landmark.
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