Schindler/Chase House

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Schindler/Chase House
835 N. Kings Road
Los Angeles, CA 90069
United States
34° 5' 11.058" N, 118° 22' 19.7616" W
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Identity of Building / Site
Primary classification: Residential (RES)
Secondary classification:
Federal, State, or Local Designation(s) and Date(s):
History of Building/Site
Original Brief:
Dates: Commission / Completion:Commission 1921(e), completion 1921-2(e).
Architectural and other Designer(s): Rudolph M. Schindler, architect Clyde Chase, Pauline Schindler, Richard and Dion Neutra (residents from 1925-7)
Others associated with Building/Site:
Significant Alteration(s) with Date(s):
Current Use: MAK Center for Art and Architecture, exhibition/historic site
Current Condition: In 1995 the Museum for Andevante Kunst (MAK) Center assumed financial responsibility for restoration efforts begun by Friends of the Schindler House (FOSH) in 1987. The building sustained structural damage from the January 1994 Los Angeles earthquake. The restoration effort is to return the house to its appearance during first occupation in the 1920s. Original furnishings (on loan from the Schindler Family) are supplemented with replicas.
General Description:
Construction Period:
Original Physical Context:
Technical Evaluation:
Cultural & Aesthetic:
General Assessment:
An early experiment in two-family housing with live/work space for each adult. Rooms open to private terraces and gardens for integrated indoor/outdoor living. Experimental tilt-up concrete construction, outdoor fireplaces, sliding doors of canvas and glass, custom furnishings, open-air sleeping porches and free flow of space create the quintessential California house.
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