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The Docomomo US Register is a searchable database available for public access. Data is documented according to the Docomomo International fiche format and contains geographical, historical, and evaluative information for surveyed resources. The mission of the Register project is to provide a useful educational tool for the public, to promote the significance of threatened modern buildings and sites, and accurately identify, document and conserve modern movement resources.


The forms, referred to by Docomomo as fiches, for documenting modern buildings and sites, urban developments, gardens and landscapes are in two formats: "minimum" and "full." Individuals are encouraged to submit minimum fiches through the fill-in fiche page that is linked to the Docomomo US Register database. The full fiche is for more thorough documentation and cannot currently be completed online. Those interested in contributing a full fiche may download the form, fill in the required information and submit it electronically to the email address listed on the Register Introduction page or mail a CD to Docomomo US.

- minimum fiche
In ensuring wider access to the International Register the minimum fiche is of primary importance and also forms the basis of the Docomomo US Register and database. The fiche summarizes the essential data in a brief form. As a stand-alone document the minimum fiche is four pages in length and is available as a PDF download below. The fill-in fiche linked to the register database is the same information and can be completed online.

- full fiche
The full fiche is meant for scientific research and documentation, as well as for raising awareness of the modern architecture at an international level. The full fiche is a nine page document available in a Word format with form fields or as a PDF.

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Minmum Documentation Fiche - Microsoft Word
Minimum Documentation Fiche - PDF
Full Documentation Fiche - Microsoft Word
Full Documentation Fiche - PDF

The DOCOMOMO US Register is an online database of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the modern movement in the United States, or associated with designers therein.

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