Docomomo US maintains a number of national committees including a Chapter Relations Committee, a Fundraising Committee, a Technology Committee, a Register Committee, and an Advocacy Committee. If you are interested in joining Docomomo US and participating in a committee, please contact us at info(AT)docomomo-us(DOT)com.

In addition to Docomomo US Committees, Docomomo International maintains four International Specialist Committees:

The Docomomo ISC/Registers was created to engage national/regional chapters in the documentation of modern buildings and sites. Its mission is the development of an inventory of modern architecture, including both outstanding individual buildings and ‘everyday’ examples.

The mission of the ISC/Technology is to promote documentation and conservation through studies of, and research into, technology, and into the material qualities of modern architecture. The committee organizes seminars; it also supports and participates in workshops related to the technology of modern buildings.

The mission of the ISC/Urbanism+Landscape is to promote research, documentation and protection of modern ensembles and environments, as opposed to individual ‘setpiece’ monuments. In practice, our current work focuses almost exclusively on research and documentation.

The ISC/Education+Theory has as its primary goal to connect and advance Docomomo International’s general mission through the dissemination of knowledge, the fostering of relevant educational approaches and by facilitating discussions on theory. ISC/Education+Theory initiatives include outreach to practicing professionals, conservation specialists and students an increased dialogue with the general public, and development of a body of theory and intellectual content that supports and underpins these endeavors. These initiatives are addresses during Docomomo International and national conferences as well as student workshops. The next workshop will take place in Espoo, Finland, in August 2012, at the 12th Docomomo conference.


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